Kaiser Pacific Corp. commenced operations in 2017 with the aim of becoming a leading distributor of consumer and industrial goods in the Philippines and Asia Pacific region.

The goal is to build a diverse portfolio of international, reputable brands that place a premium on quality and value. Only by sticking to these standards can we ensure the promises of reliability and customer satisfaction.

To be an effective partner for your company, we employ our full resources in ensuring viable market reach, translating into strong sales and aided by efficient supply chain management.


Our Mission

To deliver and create a vibrant, healthy everyday life for the people who use our products

“Better options for a better life!”

Our Vision

To become the most trusted and reliable provider of quality goods and value-added products in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Our Promise

Quality products, at affordable prices.


We live by these integral values that shape our organization and outline our performance in business.


We will constantly scout and source for unique products that will improve or give more value to consumers’ lives, making sure that people can experience a little bit of what the world has to offer.


Our company will be committed to bringing in a compelling and comprehensive range of brands that adhere to the same principles we uphold. Our procurement process will be selective. Our products will cut no corners. We ensure that the goods we bring in are of good quality and worth your money.


Our team believes in the products we offer and in turn, we share it to the world.  We are determined to work hand in hand with each other and with our partners in business to effect improvement in the organization and the lives of people we serve.

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