Dalan d’Olive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 250ml

We created our Olive Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for you with 70 years of experience in 100% olive oil soaps, guaranteed by Dalan quality. Thanks to allantoin in its ingredients, it will moisture and balance the scalp.


About Dalan The Dalan® brand was started in Turkey in 1941. Through the years they have established a reputation for superior quality and innovation in soap and cleaning products. By expanding their personal care product line, they aim to serve customers with new and different options for their bathing and cleaning needs. Since 2007, Dalan…


Dalan d’Olive 100% Olive Oil 150g

Produced from 100% olive oil with 70 years of experience, d’Olive Olive Oil Soap is a natural cleanser for your skin and hair.

Kaiser Pacific Corp.

Know more about Kaiser Pacific About Kaiser Pacific Kaiser Pacific Corp. commenced operations in 2017 with the aim of becoming a leading distributor of consumer and industrial goods in the Philippines and Asia Pacific region. About Dalan In Dalan`s product range are both personal care products such as bar and liquid soaps, shower gels, body…